7 best cat litters to buy in 2023

7 best cat litters to buy in 2023

A litter box is used to collect cat urine and feces indoors. Conceptualized in 1947, the first litter box used grains of absorbent clay called Fuller’sFuller’s Earth. Over the last few decades, the concept of cat litter boxes has become more novel and uses various materials such as clay, silica, recycled newspaper, corn, wood, wheat, grass, and nut shells. Today, you can choose from several different types of cat litter, such as:

  • Clumping
    In these highly-absorbent litter boxes, the waste is held in tight clumps, making it easier to clean with a scoop.
  • Non-clumping
    The litter particles do not clump together, despite being soaked in urine. These include wood-chip and clay-based litter made from calcium silicate or clay crystals.
  • Scented
    Scented litter boxes can be of the clumping or non-clumping variety. They have an added scent or fragrance that helps control the odor of the litter box. These scents may either be mixed in with the litter or spritzed as a deodorizer to refresh regularly.
  • Unscented
    This type of litter has no additional fragrance or intentional smell. However, some unscented litter may contain components such as baking soda that help neutralize the odor of ammonia in cat urine or feces.

Based on criteria such as odor absorption, pellet size, and ease of carrying, here are seven of the best cat litters to purchase in 2023:

Dr. Elsey’sElsey’s Ultra
A 40-pound bag of Dr. Elsey’sElsey’s Ultra Cat Litter is priced at $23.99, making it a cost-effective option that provides excellent results in terms of clumping and a low dust profile. Although it has a neutral smell, it does an effective job of trapping the odor of cat urine and feces. The granules are of average size, so your cat is also less likely to track them around the house, which certainly helps make clean-up a breeze. However, these particles are likely to stick to the bottom of a dirty litter pan, which may be a problem during deep cleaning.

Arm & Hammer Cloud Control Clumping Litter
Priced at $34.99 for a 37-pound bag of litter, this is perhaps one of the easiest to clean. Although more expensive than its competitors, the Arm & Hammer Cloud Control Clumping Litter is great at trapping odors and smells more neutral. It has very fine, sand-like litter granules, which do not stick to the bottom of a dirty pan. However, due to their size, your cat may track them around your home. This variety has a low dust profile, making it also ideal for people with dust sensitivity or allergies.

Purina Tidy Cats Naturally Strong Unscented Cat Litter
This cat litter variant is one of the best when it comes to odor control. It significantly cuts down the smell of the litter box to the point where you cannot even tell there is litter in the room. Additionally, it comes in a box which makes it easy to pour. The only average factor about this cat litter is its clumping capacity, which can be problematic for people who clean the litter box regularly. The regular price of a 35-pound bag of Purina Tidy Cat Litter is available for about $32.42.

Scoop Away Unscented, Clumping Clay Cat Litter
For those looking for an excellent budget option for cat litter, Scoop Away is for you. Priced at just $11 for a 25-pound box, this cat litter is clay-based, unscented, and provides great odor control. If you are keen on a scented variant, you can also find this in a fragrance called ”Clean Breeze”. The litter clumps easily, making the cleaning process effortless. Since it comes in a decent-sized box, it is also easy to pour, making it one of the best litter variants on the market.

Clorox Fresh Step Outstretch Clumping Cat Litter
If you are looking for the best clumping litter in the market, the Fresh Step Outstretch Clumping Cat Litter is ideal. It is lightly scented with Febreze Freshness and $32.29 for a 16-pound box. It is great at trapping odors and adding a light, fresh fragrance to the room. Made of clay with activated charcoal, it has a thin and sandy texture that clumps well together, making it easy to scoop and clean the litter box.

Tuft & Paw Really Great Cat Litter
The Tuft & Paw Really Great Cat Litter is one of the most mess-free variants you can find. It is flushable and compostable, making it easy to clean. It is a subscription-based cat litter that comes in a 9.5-pound packet and costs $29. Although pricey, it is made from natural and non-toxic ingredients like white sorghum grass. It has large pellets that separate easily from the urine and feces, making the cleaning process convenient.

Special Kitty Odor Control Cat Litter
This is one of the best-scented cat litter on the market. With a subtle fragrance called “Fresh Scent,” it provides long-lasting freshness. It is formulated with safe and natural ingredients like bentonite clay. The litter granules expand when wet to form strong clumps that are easy to discard and do not create any dust during clean-up. A 40-pound bag of this litter costs $13.52, making it one of the most cost-effective options.

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