Top tablets in 2021 that seniors can use

Top tablets in 2021 that seniors can use

Gone are the days when only the younger generation was interested in technology and gadgets. The elderly today are tech-savvy too and turn to gadgets to stay connected with their loved ones and also stay in touch with the world around them. But, while cell phones are too small and laptops too bulky, tablets provide the perfect medium for informal communication and personal use. To that end, here are the best tablets of 2021 to take care of the communication and entertainment needs of seniors.

Best tablets in 2021 for seniors

  • Apple iPad Air 4th Generation
    iPads are generally known for their user-friendly features. The iPad Air makes the ideal choice to form the foundational unit for an Apple ecosystem for seniors. This one comes with a slimmer and lighter profile than most other iPad models. As it is compatible with both Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard, there are many ways to add to the convenience of using this device. The crystal clear 7MP FaceTime camera handles video calls like a pro, and with the A14 chip, you are assured of getting iOS updates for the next few years.
  • Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab with Google Assistant
    With the versatile kickstand, this tablet can be perched at an optimum angle conveniently. This allows seniors to enjoy hands-free videos and more. Google Assistant ensures that seniors can navigate through the menu or even send emails and perform other functions without moving a finger, all with the help of convenient voice commands. With a good set of cameras and a decent processor, this one can handle all the basic communication jobs easily.
  • Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus
    If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, this is one of the best tablets of 2021. A brilliant HD display, long battery life, efficient 3GB RAM and several other features on this tablet ensure its reliable performance. One of the main conveniences of purchasing an Amazon Fire Tablet for seniors is that it brings a bundle of entertainment in the form of OTT subscription services and so much more. It also makes the integration of Alexa smart home devices so much simpler. Additionally, there is a long lineup of compatible accessories that can make this tablet even more enjoyable to use.

Some of the best tablets of 2021 can easily become the primary communication device and can also be conveniently used as a master device to control a smart home setup. These devices can therefore be seen as practical choices to simplify the work for seniors.

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